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WEB SITE PRIVACY STATEMENT (Last Updated: 02/04/2012)

WELCOME! This Affele Web site brings you the coolest information about the world of Affele and provides a first hand look at some of our products and kits. If you are a parent or guardian and are interested in knowing more about Affele's policy regarding the online collection of information from children. Affele respects the privacy rights of its online visitors and is committed to providing you with a secure online environment. We have adopted an Online Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy")that guides how we collect, store and use the information you provide us online. This privacy statement covers the Web sites and other promotional sites that have this privacy statement linked from it. Because these Web sites want to demonstrate their commitment to your privacy, they have agreed to disclose their information practices. If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should first contact the Website Administrator at

The Web and Children’s Online Privacy Policy only covers information that is collected through this Web site, and does not cover information that may be collected through any software downloaded from this Web site. In addition, this Privacy Policy applies only to the information that Affele collects online, not offline. Please note, also, that this Privacy Policy applies only to sites operated by Affele from its offices within India. What information does Affele collect? In order to give you the most exciting Internet experience possible, Affele may request and/or collect information from you on a voluntary basis when you:

  1.     Register with us;
  2.     Shop at any of our online stores (when available);
  3.     Participate in contests, events or promotions;
  4.     Send questions or comments via e-mail to Affele customer support;
  5.     Submit your resume to us online; and/or,
  6.     Fill out online surveys.

The requested information may include personal information such as your name, e-mail address, telephone number, and home address. For some activities, we may also ask you to create a password and to provide demographic information such as your age, the gender and birthdates of children in your household, and toy and game ownership and preferences. If demographic information is collected for an activity that also requires personal information, we may combine the demographic information with your personal information. This allows us to tailor the notices we send you and the content we provide you according to your preferences and interests. If you are under the age of 13, only your parent or guardian can provide any personal information to us for purposes of registration and other online activities. Kids, if you are ever unsure about anything you are seeing on this site, ask your parent or guardian for help. Registration If you wish to register with one of our sites or register a Affele product, you may be asked to supply personal information such as your full name, e-mail address, and (in the case of product registration) mailing address. We may also ask you to provide demographic information such as your birthdate, gender, the birthdates and genders of children in your household, the postal code and country in which you live, and information on products you own or of interest to you. Affele uses such information to periodically contact you with product information news, special offers and relevant announcements (including service announcements) and to provide other exclusive benefits to those who register their products on our sites. Online Store In the event we provide an online store, visitors purchasing goods and services through such store will need to provide a valid credit card number and expiration date, in addition to name, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address.


To participate in some of our promotions, you may be asked to provide an e-mail address or screen name, so that we can let you know if you won a prize. Please do not use your real name for these promotions. For other Affele promotions, we may request your name and home address in order to send you products or information by regular mail. All promotions on the Affele Web sites are administered by Affele. Your personal information is not shared with any third parties, except with entities who use it solely to provide support for the operations of the Affele promotion/contest.


By allowing you to send e-mail to us, we are not attempting to collect any personal information about you. We will only use personal information (such as name, mailing address and e-mail address) contained in your e-mail to respond to your specific inquiry or comments in the e-mail. Although we may retain your e-mail for a period of time, we will not use any personal information contained in your e-mail for any purpose other than responding to your specific inquiry or comments. By allowing you to send postcards or pages to friends, we are not attempting to collect any personal information about you or the person you are e-mailing. We will use the personal information supplied (such as your friend’s name and e-mail address) only to send the postcard or page as you request and allow the recipient to respond to you. This is a one-time e-mail initiated by the user of the site and this information is not stored or used by Affele, other than to execute the e-mail.


Some of our sites allow for the online submission of resumes. Personal information collected from resumes is not subject to this Privacy Policy. However, we can assure you that such information will be used solely for the purpose of accepting and evaluating candidate submissions for job postings. Online Surveys In order to improve the user experience at our Web sites, we may employ online surveys for visitors to volunteer anonymous demographic information about themselves and provide us feedback about why they visit our sites and what we can do to make them better. Information collected through these surveys is anonymous; we cannot identify who is submitting the information or tie it to other personally identifiable information a user may have provided us through another means. Whatever the activity may be, we will only collect information to the extent deemed reasonably necessary to fulfill your requests and our legitimate business objectives. If you do not want to submit personal information when requested, you will not be able to access certain areas on our site. However, you do not need to provide personal information to Affele in order to use our Web sites.

Who is collecting my information and how will it be used?

Affele collects the personal information you provide on our sites. We will use the information you submit to our Web sites to send you advertising or promotional materials, including information about new products, contests, features and enhancements, special offers and other events of interest. We also use your personal information for our internal marketing and demographic studies, so we can constantly improve the products and services we provide you and can better meet your needs. The demographic information (e.g., age and gender) you provide us is collected by Affele and may be disclosed in aggregate to third parties. This aggregate demographic information cannot be used to personally identify you or your computer.

With whom does Affele share my personal information?

From time to time, Affele may employ and share its customers' personal information (including that of children under 13) with entities who use it solely to provide support for the internal operations of the Affele website (e.g., online product fulfillment, online registration and email services, or technical support). These entities will not use your personal information for any other purpose, and have agreed to maintain the confidentiality, security, and integrity of the personal information they obtain from us. Similarly, some of our support provider entities may collect your personal information directly, such as when applying for a job through our Careers section or when submitting photos and/or videos for posting. In these instances, even though the pages where you enter your personal information have the look and feel of the Affele Web site, the support provider will be prominently identified by a “Powered by” logo.

The Affele privacy statement will apply to personal information you submit to these third party sites. These entities will not use your personal information for any purpose other than that stated when you submit the information, and have agreed to maintain the confidentiality, security, and integrity of the personal information they obtain from you. We may disclose personal information (including that of children under 13) in the good faith belief that we are required to do so by law, including but not limited to disclosure to law enforcement or other government officials in connection with an investigation of fraud, intellectual property infringements, or other activity that is illegal or may expose you or us to legal liability.

Affele does not sell, rent, or otherwise disclose personal information collected from and about its users (including children under 13) to third parties for promotional purposes. However, in the event of a merger, acquisition, reorganization, bankruptcy, or other similar event, Affele's customer information may be transferred to Affele's successor or assign, if permitted by and done in accordance with applicable law. Please see our “Questions and Complaints” section below for instructions on how we will notify you of such an event. Cookies and Clear GIFs Affele uses cookies and clear GIFs to enhance your experience at our Web sites. These cookies and clear GIFs let us know how many people are coming to individual sites, how frequently, and how they are using the sites, allowing us to make updates to content and improve navigation as appropriate. Cookies are pieces of information that we place on your computer to help us accurately understand how many consumers are visiting a particular site, how often they visit that site, what content they are most interested in, and how they prefer to shop for our products. For example, a cookie will allow us to remember certain things based on your Internet Protocol or "IP" address (an IP address is the string of numbers that identifies each sender or receiver of information that is sent across the Internet), such as your login information, the time and duration of your visits, how you navigated through our content and where you exited a particular site. To save you the time of re-entering your login information every time you come back to our Web sites, Affele may link information contained in a cookie to your email address (including that of registered children under 13). We do not use cookies to retrieve information from your computer that we did not originally send in a cookie. Clear GIFs, sometimes called "Web bugs," are file objects, usually a graphic image such as a transparent one pixel-by-one pixel GIF (Graphics Interchange Format, one of the two most common file formats for images on the Web), that are placed on a Web page or in an e-mail message to monitor user behavior. The GIF tells us the IP address of the computer that fetched our page, the URL of the page the GIF is on, the time the page was viewed, the type of browser used, and can tell us a previously set cookie value. This anonymous information is returned by the clear GIF to Affele and we use this information to accurately count visitors across multiple Affele sites and understand how they navigate and use our network of sites. Affele does not combine information gathered through clear GIFs with your personal information.

Log Files

Other information passively collected by Affele is in the form of logs - files that record website activity and gather statistics about web users' browsing habits. These entries are generated anonymously, and help Affele determine (among other things) how many and how often users have visited our Web sites, which pages they've visited, and other similar data. We also use the log file entries for our internal marketing and demographic studies, so we can constantly improve the online services we provide you. Log files are used internally only, and are not associated with any particular user, computer, or browser. Linking to third party sites To provide relevant information not found on our Web sites, to facilitate online shopping, and to allow you to interact with other Web sites on which you may have accounts (such as Facebook and other social media sites), Affele may provide links or embed third-party applications that allow login from our Web sites to third party Web sites. Affele will notify users when they are leaving a Affele site or otherwise indicate that you will be going to a third-party’s site. Your use of these Web sites and/or applications is subject to the third parties’ privacy policies, and we encourage you to read the third party sites' privacy policies before submitting personal or other information or using the applications. To provide users with the ability to comparison shop and purchase online, Affele has affiliate relationships with some of our retail affiliates. We may use cookies and/or clear GIFs (described above) to track shopping behavior on our sites and on our retail affiliates' sites. No personally identifiable information is tied to this shopping behavior. Tracking this behavior helps us better understand user preferences and plan product listings with our affiliates. Opt-out If you do not want Affele to send you e-mail or regular mail about our products and/or services, you can opt-out at the time of registration or at the time of information collection. If you are receiving e-mails or regular mail and at a later date you choose to opt-out and have your name removed from Affele’s e-mailing list, you can do so by using the link included with a Affele e-mail or by sending an e-mail to

Please note that “welcome” and service e-mail communications are not promotional in nature and, therefore, an opt-out is not provided. These are simply to notify the user of a service they recently signed up for or to notify the user of Web site issues. Safeguarding your personal information Affele will only collect personal information to the extent deemed reasonably necessary to serve our legitimate business purposes, and we will take appropriate steps to ensure the security and integrity of any information (including that of children under 13) you provide to us. Any information provided to Affele on the Affele Web site is housed in a secure datacenter, and sensitive information such as credit card numbers are secured using SSL encryption. Review, update and removal of personal information If you have registered with our site, you may at any time review and/or update the contact information we have for you or inform us that you want us to remove your information from our database by either visiting the online profile section of one of our sites or contacting us at  If you choose to send us an e-mail, please be sure to include in your message the name of the site at which you registered and the e-mail address you used to register so that we can verify your request. Questions and Complaints Any questions or complaints about Affele or this privacy statement can be addressed by contacting us at If we decide to change our privacy policy, we will post those changes to this privacy statement, the home page, and other places we deem appropriate so that you are aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it. We reserve the right to modify this privacy statement at any time, so please review it frequently. If we make material changes to this policy, we will notify you here, by e-mail, or by means of a notice on our home page. If we make material changes to how we use Personal Information collected from children under age 13, we will notify parents by e-mail in order to obtain verifiable consent for the new uses of the child’s Personal Information. For additional information about our Web site, please see our Terms and Conditions of Use.

Affele's contact information is as follows


Attention: Website Administrator
Shop No. 2, Mahalakshmi Complex,
Darodkar Square, Itwari,
Central Avenue, Nagpur-440002
Maharashtra, India

Thanks. Have fun!



Affele has developed its Web site to be an enjoyable experience for children (and adults) of all ages. Affele recognizes that some younger children may not understand some of the information contained on the Web site or how the site operates. That is the purpose of the Privacy Statement. Please discuss this statement with your children so that they will better understand how to use the site and the information they may be asked to provide. Affele strongly believes that providing its visitors with accurate and adequate notice about the Web site will lead to informed choices and decisions about how to use the site, as well as protect its users' privacy. If you have any questions or comments about our policy, please contact us using the Contact Information provided below. For all other issues, please contact Customer Service. Children Under 13 Collection and Use of Children's Personal Information Affele may collect and store personal information about children under 13 ("children" or "child") if it is submitted by the parent or guardian in connection with any of our website registrations. To determine who is younger than 13 years old and whether parental consent is required, we ask all users who wish to register to submit their date of birth. Those users that indicate they are less than 13 years of age are taken through a parental consent process. If provided by the parent or guardian, Affele may collect and store the following types of personal information about a child under 13: name, email address, parent's or guardian's name, and parent's or guardian's email address. Affele may also collect the child’s mailing address when necessary to fulfill a transaction, such as sending the winner of a contest or sweepstakes the awarded prize. Affele may also collect demographic information about a child such as the child's date of birth, gender, and other preferences; and, combine such information with the child's personal information. Affele will only collect this information if it is voluntarily submitted to us by the child’s parent or guardian. For information on how we use cookies and other information collection tools, please see our section on "Cookies and Clear GIFs" (above). Once collected, a child's registration information may be used to: (a) fulfill a transaction, such as sending the winner of a contest or sweepstakes the awarded prize and, (b) allow us to send the child requested promotional materials, including information about new products, contests, features and enhancements, special offers, and other events of interest (e.g., Birthday Club e-mails). We may also use the information for our internal marketing and demographic studies, so that we can constantly improve the products and services we provide our visitors and to better meet their needs. Please note that we are prohibited from conditioning a child's participation in an activity - like contests - on the child's disclosure of more personal information than is reasonably necessary to participate in the activity. This means that if we don't need a specific piece of information (like the child's phone number) to allow the child to participate in a contest, we simply won't ask for it. To read about the steps Affele takes to protect the confidentiality, security, and integrity of children's personal information, please see our section on "Safeguarding your personal information" (above). Affele Contact Information Any personal information that a child provides to our Web site(s) for purposes of registration is collected by Affele.

Affele's contact information is as follows

Attention: Website Administrator
Shop No. 2, Mahalakshmi Complex
Darodkar Square, Itwari
Central Avenue, Nagpur-440002
Maharashtra, India


Disclosure of Children's Personal Information

Please read the section titled "With whom does Affele share my personal information" (above) for our policy on the disclosure of personal information collected from and about children under 13. Parental Access A parent who has already given Affele permission to collect and use his or her child's personal information can, at any time, do the following:

  1.     Review, correct, or have deleted the child's personal information; and/or,
  2.     Discontinue further collection or use of the child's personal information.

To do so, please refer to the confirmation email provided to you when you gave consent or contact us and be sure to include your child's name and email address, your name and email address, and the name of the site at which your child is registered. To make changes to your child's demographic information, you may also visit the online profile section of one of our sites. We will be happy to honor your request.  Back to start of Affele Privacy Statement.