What is Affele?

Affele is Affordable Electronics.

About Us

We are a team of electronics enthusiasts who want to spread our passion for electronics to the world and make electronics a breeze for anyone and everyone. We work all round the year to design new things, sensors, projects, solutions, robots, circuits, protocols, etc. so that someone, somewhere can save their precious time.

With Affele we are trying to help people to Develop/Learn/Make Electronics by providing them everything needed.

This includes -

1. Products

2. Support

3. Resources

4. Guidance

5. Classes

6. Services

7. Advertisement

8. Funding

9. Incubator

10. Lab

11. Selling Platform

In short from a class/idea/inspiration -> product/items/parts -> Resources -> Support -> Guidance -> Lab -> Incubator -> Makerspace -> Funding -> Service -> Advertisement -> Selling a complete product.

Our Customers

Students - School and Engineering College 

Individuals - Hobbyist, undertaking projects of colleges/companies/governement

Companies - Bulk purchase, Service, Products, R&D

Kids - The Smarter Ones! We have some bright kids as our customers who represent India in many reputed Science Fair/Robotics Expo etc.

Our Parent Company

We are a spin off from MG Automation Technologies, the people behind MG Super Labs.